Afternoon at the Beach

Yesterday I had business to do out in the Port area. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day to walk along the beach and take a few pictures. In spite of the fact that it is February and still a little cool, I wasn’t the only person with that idea. Around 2:00, Marty joined me and we had lunch at La Perla where enjoyed the meal and the sun filled view.


Snacking at the beach


We hopped a bus back to our place. While in route I decided to get off at Nuevo Centro to pick up a few things I needed at Corte Inglés. Outside the mall are a number of large tents. I quickly discovered that this is where they display the Ninots until March 14 when they are moved for the Fallas which are celebrated from the 16th to the 19th. These are amazing figures that reflect the theme that has been chosen for the year’s event. They are highly political and very satirical. Most of all they are quite beautiful and delightful to see.


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Happily retired, I now spend much of my time in Valencia Spain. I fill my days with photography, cooking, dining and visiting with friends. In my "former life" I was a Director of Human Resources for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. I am married to Martin Kaplan, who shares my passion for Valencia, food and of course, our daughter, Rachel Sara.
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