Lazy Day

After Sunday’s eating extravaganza, I decided that Monday would be a good day to take it easy.  I think my internal clock is finally on Spain time and I actually woke up at 8:00 am instead of my usual 5:00.  It was yet another rainy day, which I understand is very typical for November.  Seemed like a good time to do a little ironing and make a shopping list for Thanksgiving.    It is always interesting to discover what is readily available and what is not.  I have always just reached for one of those packages of stuffing mix for the bird.  Not this year.  A quick search on the Internet and I had a “from scratch” recipe.

As Marty passed la Fórcola earlier in the day he checked out the menu del día and it looked good.  Around 2 o’clock we decided to give it a try. Marty started with a “sin”(without), a bottle of non-alcoholic beer, and I opted for una copa de tinto.

As our primero we both ordered a delicious carpaccio of beef with thinly slice mushrooms and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Marty then selected the Pasta Carbonara. 

I went for a simple pollo al limón.   The chicken was infused with lemon that was just right – tangy but not overpowering.  Both of us couldn’t resist the homemade “fruit of the forest” ice cream.

The service, as always, was friendly and attentive.  What is interesting is that in spite of “la crisis, “ the restaurant was packed.  I guess people need to eat no matter what the economic situation.  And, you might as well eat well.

Marty took his usual afternoon nap.  Try as I might, I just can’t nap, so I went to Mercadona and picked up bread for stuffing and a few other things I needed.  How wonderful to be able to walk to the market in no more than 5 minutes.  The added benefit is I am developing some upper body strength schlepping all the bags home.  I guess I need to buy one of those carts I see everyone bringing to the market.    Perhaps tomorrow.

The rest of the day seemed to slip away.   At one point I was watching a cooking show and José Andres was making huevos revueltos con cebollas caramelizada.  (scrambled eggs with caramelized onions.)  It looked so good I decided to try my hand at caramelizing some onions.  It took a bit of time but, wow, the result was worth it. 

A little before 8:00, Marty headed out to a meeting of CIVAC, the local magic group, and I had the evening to myself.  People keep asking how I feel about his going out to meetings and leaving me home.  I love doing things with Marty, but treasure my alone time.   I had the perfect dinner of huevos revueltos for one and a good book. It has been a hectic first week in Valencia, so I really enjoyed my quiet evening.


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